Most staff members of international organizations are often faced with serious culture shock when posted to work in developing nations for the first time. It becomes our work to give them first hand preparations. Theoretical courses take place in the Hague and other parts of Europe while practical training takes place in developing countries in Africa and South America.

We give participants a true immersion of first hand challenges of development and humanitarian work. We combine learning with adventure.All our facilitators have first hand work experience in development work and are able to share personal experiences to motivate learners.

Our hands on approach targets to impart change agents with skills to enable them tackle any challenge in development/ humanitarian work through:
• Personality Based Team Building
• Skills Based Team Building
• Problem Solving Team Building

We offer four Global Changemaker Programme levels:
1) Changemaker Immersion Leadership Course
2) Changemaker Development Practitioners Courses
3) Changemaker Volunteer to Developing Countries
4) Changemaker Blogger / Social Media Lobbying

Our Team Building Programme imparts:
• Promote Personal Growth
• Team Cooperation
• Endurance and Personal Perseverance
• Goal Setting
• Leadership skills
• Communication skills
• Conflict Resolution
• Trust and Team Building
• Team Effectivenes

We offer Technical Support in:
• Global Health
• Fundraising
• Project Design & Planning
• Project Evaluations
• Peacebuilding and Disaster Prevention
• Water, Sanitation & Health(WASH)
• Development Communications
• Social Media for Change
• Social Marketing

Among the elements of our unique approaches:
• Cultural and Experiential Immersions
• Plenary presentations
• Building on participants past experiences Experiential games
• Visual Presentations
• Role plays
• Story telling
• Group Dynamics
• Indoor and Outdoor Games
• Team Building
• Ice Breaking
• High-Ropes climbing
• Rock and Wall climbing.

We partner with other organizations to lobby developed nations to commit more resources to developing nations. We work with a community of activists, journalists and bloggers to create awareness on the needs of developing nations such as poverty eradication, HIV/AIDS and Malaria prevention, Women empowerment, Good governance and Human Rights among other relevant themes.

There exists a serious information gap between developed nations and developing world.This partly contributes to the reason why theres no meaningful change in developing countries despite billions of dollars being sent to eradicate poverty. Decisions affecting Africa are made in London and Newyork sometimes without involving potential beneficiaries. International organizations hog all the resources leaving community based organizations without resources. For this reason,we share information on development opportunties such as conferences and funding resources with our partners in the developing world. We connect investors and donors with needs in developing countries especially Africa. Information is power and developing nations can no longer remain in the dark in this era of digital world. We are able to edit development reports and papers for consumption by key actors in developing nations.

To ensure that development aid makes a difference in developing nations, we work as independent monitors and give our opinion to donors and other development partners. We share best practices and success stories that can be used as models for development success between country to country.