About Changemaker International

Welcome to the Global Home of Changemakers!

Changemaker International was founded in the Hague, Netherlands in 2013 to provide development services to the international development and humanitarian community worldwide.

Humanitarian work has lots of challenges that require planning, resilience, team work, goal setting and trust building which are all tenets of good leadership. Our work is therefore to prepare development and humanitarian professionals who want to seek careers in the sector, especially in the third world so they can become true change agents to make a difference in their work, while helping reduce wastage of development aid.

We offer the following services to the humanitarian and development community.

  1. Training
  2. Information Dissemination
  3. Lobbying
  4. Evaluation Services

Changemaker International therefore prepares current and future aid workers with the knowledge and skills necessary to deliver to development solutions. We are a global center for humanitarian training.

Through our distance learning or online training , we combine theory and practical immersion in a development projects to impart relevant skills. Our course moderators are drawn from humanitarian and development sector and we closely work with international organizations to share best practices with our students. We will continue to develop and expand our catalogue in key areas relevant to humanitarian and development work.