HI 034: Certificate in Designing Strategies and Projects for Humanitarian Action

Adaptation to context, comprehensive and systematic understanding and critical thinking form part of the pre-conditions in order to develop creativity and set relevant, qualitative and accountable responses. The difficulties facing humanitarian actors grow by day and as they approach complexity stage then the uncertainties become more numerous. To improve situational intelligence it is required that humanitarian employees are equipped with skills on professionalism, interdisciplinary knowledge, analytical competence and complementary skills. Learners are expected at the end of the course to have developed relevant competencies in designing and adapting humanitarian strategies and projects in line with the specificities of each context.
This course aims to reinforce the knowledge and skills necessary to confront current challenges faced by humanitarian actors working in complex environments.
The topics to be covered include the following;

  • Introduction to humanitarian action and relief projects environment
  • Needs assessment
  • Logical framework
  • Human resources and budget design
  • Consistency between project activities and financial, logistics, HR and M&E means planned
  • Project finalization
  • Monitoring and evaluation

Course Begins on 1st of every month for 3 Months.
Course Level: Certificate Course
Cost: Amount €550 ( Inclusive of 21% VAT)
To register for this course, kindly contact
Changemaker International
Zuiderbrink 63, Gravenhage
The Netherlands
Website: http://changeinstitute.nl