HI 027 : Certificate in Community Participation and Mobilization in Emergence Response

The community needs to be mobilized on what they are entitled to and how they need to make the work of those administering aid easy and comfortable to administer help .Once a community has been hit by crisis there is need that they receive aid in terms of food shelter and other life sustaining materials from concerned bodies in a harmonious way. For example issues to do with verification of the population in need so that the administration giving out aid can plan on what to give and what to prioritize depending on the characteristics of the community that has to be given aid.
The course offers advanced skills of technical requirements for the infrastructure needed in humanitarian emergencies.. Aid is supposed to be provided until the crisis comes to an end and the community in question gets back to their place of origin and they are supposed to be helped in starting up their lives again and how they can cope with one another to avoid future replication of problems. Learners are exposed to important managerial decisions they should consider as they supervise teams of technical experts
Classroom teaching will include lectures, class discussions, videos, oral presentations, written assignments and group projects.
The topics to be covered include the following;

  • What is a community
  • Community mobilization and why it is important
  • Community mobilization and child development
  • Community mobilization in urban Centre’s and other non-camp situations
  • Mobilizing young people
  • The characteristics of a community mobilization approach
  • Re-establishing community structures and setting up new ones
  • Community mobilization for women

Course Begins on 1st of every month for three months.
Course Level: Certificate Course
Cost: Amount €550 ( Inclusive of 21% VAT)
To register for this course, kindly contact
Changemaker International
Zuiderbrink 63, Gravenhage
The Netherlands
Website: http://changeinstitute.nl